How to Remove V40 Fuel Injectors?

Answer The fuel injectors in any vehicle feed fuel through the intake valves while the engine is in operation. Due to the large amount of coils and springs within the fuel injectors, you will find they ca... Read More »

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How to Remove the Fuel Injectors in a GM 7.4?

The 7.4l Chevrolet engine (also known as a 454) was popular for many years, as it was a big-block engine with a large amount of torque. In later years, this engine ran a fuel injection system, whic... Read More »

How to Remove GM Fuel Injectors?

General Motors (GM) first introduced its version of the fuel injection system in 1985 on some of its most popular models like the Camaro, Corvette, Trans Am and Firebird. The GM version was called ... Read More »

How to Remove Fuel Injectors?

The injectors on the multiport fuel injection system of your vehicle feed the intake valves during engine operation. They accomplish this using several internal components like coils, springs, arma... Read More »

How to Remove Cadillac Fuel Injectors?

Cadillac uses port fuel injectors, which means that they are situated on the intake manifold. They fire directly toward the intake valve. They are attached to a solid fuel rail where they are held ... Read More »