How to Remove Urethane From My Windshield?

Answer Urethane glue is used to attach a windshield to your vehicle. It dries clear and hard. Excess urethane glue can be removed easily when still wet, but it is trickier to remove after it has dried. Yo... Read More »

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How to Remove a Urethane Windshield Set?

Urethane adhesive is a black-colored fixative with medium viscosity commonly used on automobile windshields; it provides a strong and flexible bond. Both urethane and silicone adhesives are commonl... Read More »

How do I remove urethane?

Heat the AreaPut on a pair of safety glasses and a dust mask (or respirator). Heat the area of an object covered with urethane with a hair dryer or a heat gun. Place the nozzle a few inches away fr... Read More »

How to Remove Paint from a Urethane Bumper on a Corvette?

Removing the paint from a urethane bumper on a Corvette is a relatively simple process. Since urethane is a plastic, you don't want to use paint stripper or you could damage the structure of the bu... Read More »

How to Remove Windshield Wiper Marks From a Windshield?

Windshields take a lot of abuse. Dirt and grime accumulate from the road, and windshield wipers leave seemingly unmanageable streaks. Whether it's time to get new windshield wipers or clean the car... Read More »