How to Remove Uninstallable Programs in Microsoft XP?

Answer If you are unable to uninstall programs in Microsoft XP, it may be due to improper installation, corrupt software or damaged files. This can be frustrating if you are attempting to remove an applic... Read More »

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Can u name any Microsoft programs?

TONS of programs are Microsoft... such as Internet Explorer...FrontPageWordExcelFlight SimulatorOutlookPowerPointAccessPaintPublisherHome PublshingMicrosoft (Kodak) Image Editor Microsoft Picture a... Read More »

How to Get Microsoft Programs to Run on Linux?

The Wine utility allows you to run Windows programs on the Linux operating system. The utility provides a compatibility layer between the Windows programs and the Linux operating system. Wine does ... Read More »

Microsoft Database Programs?

Microsoft has developed several database software programs. A database is an organized collection of data, and several applications exist that can selectively retrieve and manage these records. Rel... Read More »

Is there any other programs I can use other than Microsoft word?

TextEdit is another. But it's not as easy to set up and have a good format as Microsoft Word.