How to Remove Toilet Plunger Rubber Marks From Toilet Bowls?

Answer While your traditional rubber plunger is effective in repairing a clogged toilet, the plunger itself often leaves behind dark rubber residue that sticks to the toilet bowl after you have plunged th... Read More »

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How do I remove mineral deposits from toilet bowls?

Drain ToiletDrain the toilet by turning off the water to the bowl. The shut off valve is usually located behind the toilet near the wall. Turn the handle clockwise to turn the water off. Pump the r... Read More »

How do I remove urine stains out of toilet bowls?

Mix IngredientsMix 1 cup of Borax with 1/2 cup of lemon juice or white vinegar. Mix until it forms a smooth paste.Apply the PasteApply the paste directly to the inside of the toilet bowl. Place dir... Read More »

How do i clean water rings from toilet bowls?

Use PumiceWet a pumice stick under clean water. Splash the area of the toilet with the rings with a small amount of water, enough to make the area wet.Rub the StainsRub the pumice stick lightly ove... Read More »

The History of the Toilet Plunger?

The toilet plunger is a functional tool that has allowed people for decades to unclog their toilets without calling in the professionals. Its simple mould has remained relatively the same since it ... Read More »