How to Remove Tar From Motorcycle Pipes?

Answer You're enjoying a warm, sunny day while driving down the road in your brand new motorcycle. As you pull off to grab a bite to eat, you notice dark, black tar on your shiny exhaust pipes. It is thic... Read More »

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How to Remove Baffles From Motorcycle Pipes?

Baffles are the rods inside the muffler and exhaust system that allow the heat from the exhaust system to move around and prevent exhaust noise. While this would seem like a useful feature in most ... Read More »

How to Remove Burned Rubber From Motorcycle Pipes?

Burned rubber can really take away the beautiful shine your motorcycle pipes have. Rubber from your boots or from bits of tire can melt and stick to your pipes and become difficult to remove. Many ... Read More »

How to Remove Boot Marks From Motorcycle Pipes?

If you own a motorcycle, chances are you have had to deal with boot scuffs on the exhaust pipes if they are not protected by a plastic shield. Many riders scratch their chrome pipes while trying to... Read More »

Removing Tar From Chrome Motorcycle Pipes?

Properly functioning windshield wipers are an invaluable asset to a vehicle---especially during wet weather conditions. As many other electrical car devices, the windshield wiper fuse may blow out ... Read More »