How to Remove Tape Residue on a Car Door?

Answer There are many reasons to put tape on a car door; the most common is to mask areas you do not want to paint. However, once you remove the tape, a sticky residue is left on your car door. There are ... Read More »

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White sticky tape has left white residue on my wooden front door,what will remove it?

How do I remove carpet tape residue?

Clean the SurfaceClean the surface containing the residue before applying adhesive remover. Use a small amount of detergent, and apply the detergent using a mop. Rinse the surface clean with water,... Read More »

How do I remove packing tape residue?

Scrape off as much of the tape residue as you can with a blunt tool, such as a spoon or a blunt knife. Dab a "waterless hand cleaner into the stain," recommends Good Housekeeping magazine, and then... Read More »

How Do I Remove Duct Tape Residue?

clean razor blade, clorox wipe, and nail polish remover. -use a qtip if your extra scared