How to Remove Tannin From a Pond?

Answer Tannin is a chemical given off by decaying matter that falls into your pond. Tannins and other debris can leach the oxygen out of the water as they decompose, and also turn your water an ugly brown... Read More »

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How to Remove a Tannin Stain?

Tannin is a natural occurring vegetable dye found in many plants especially grape skin, tea leaves, bark and other vegetation. It is also responsible for the bitter taste of some coffees and red wine.

How to Remove Tannin Stains From a Carpet?

Spills on your carpet such as coffee, wine, dark sodas, pen ink and fruit juices can leave tannin stains. Tannins are vegetable dyes found in plants including tea leaves and grapes. Cleaning a spil... Read More »

How do I remove duckweed from a pond?

Manual RemovalRemove duckweed from your pond by hand, if you have a small problem. Remove a few duckweeds at a time as they appear in your pond to prevent a large problem from developing. Remove th... Read More »

How do I remove fish from a pond?

Partial RemovalUse a variety of methods to partially remove the fish from a pond. If it's just the case of needing to remove an overabundance of certain species in a pond, target those fish by catc... Read More »