How to Remove Swirl Marks on a Car?

Answer Swirl marks in car paint or finish are typically caused by improper detailing. Swirl marks are formed when waxing products are not properly applied or are rubbed into the finish with dirt or grit t... Read More »

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How to Remove Swirl Marks From a Windshield?

Even when your car's windshield looks spotless, it may actually be far from it. Sometimes the only way to know that your car windshield is dirty is when the sun has set and you have lights from oth... Read More »

How to Remove Swirl Marks in Car Paint?

Swirl marks are small scratches in the finish of your car, usually visible only in bright light. Caused by washing or buffering, swirl marks detract from the look of your car's finish, and shorten ... Read More »

How to Remove Swirl Marks From Black Paint?

Swirls in a black car's paint job can stand out dramatically. This is because the edges of these swirls reflect light, and the reflection stands out in stark contrast to the black background. Swirl... Read More »

How to Remove Swirl Buff Marks in Car Finish?

After you spend hours detailing your car, or spend money on having it professionally detailed, it is disappointing to find that no matter what cleaning method is used, swirl buff marks can't be was... Read More »