How to Remove Swirl Marks in Car Paint?

Answer Swirl marks are small scratches in the finish of your car, usually visible only in bright light. Caused by washing or buffering, swirl marks detract from the look of your car's finish, and shorten ... Read More »

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How to Remove Swirl Marks From Paint After a Buff?

A buff job can give your car a new lease on life, but imperfections like swirl marks can be revealed over time and ruin the whole effect. While there are a number of products designed to remove swi... Read More »

How to Remove Swirl Marks From Black Paint?

Swirls in a black car's paint job can stand out dramatically. This is because the edges of these swirls reflect light, and the reflection stands out in stark contrast to the black background. Swirl... Read More »

How to Get Swirl Marks Out of Car Paint?

Swirl marks in car paint can make the finish look pretty bad. These marks will usually result from contact with automated car wash brushes, bad wax jobs or buffing with a wool or terrycloth bonnet.... Read More »

How to Buff Out Swirl Marks in Auto Paint?

Over time, auto paint can develop swirl marks or what are essentially light scratches in the paint where multiple washes, poorly applied wax or other abrasive materials have worn the clear coat and... Read More »