How to Remove Super Glue From Clothes?

Answer Maybe you were helping your son glue the wings onto his model airplane, or perhaps the broken lamp needed some fixing. Either way, Super Glue came to the rescue. The model airplane looks good, the ... Read More »

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How do I remove pvc glue from clothes?

Use AcetoneLay the clothing over a sink with the PVC glue stain facing up. Pour a small amount of acetone onto the glue. You may also use nail polish containing acetone. Test a hidden area of the f... Read More »

How to Remove Krazy Glue From Clothes?

Krazy Glue is known for the ability to stick to anything, be it something you want to fix or something it accidentally drips on. Many people have unfortunately stuck fingers together, as well as sk... Read More »

How to Remove Sticker Glue From Clothes?

Sticker-glue residue can create a mess on clothing and attract dirt until it's removed. If you were unaware of the sticker and washed and dried the garment with it on, you may have a sticky mess. F... Read More »

What do you use to remove hair bonding glue from clothes?

use olive oil mix with salt, hair shampoo and club soda. then rub it in then let it set for 10 mins then wash and repeat for another time and it should come right out. odd that i know this bc i wor... Read More »