How to Remove Subtitles in RMVB?

Answer If subtitles are hard encoded into your RVMB file, you must edit the video to remove them as they form a part of each of the video's frames. The file may also contain the subtitles on a separate st... Read More »

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I have avi files with their subtitles,but the subtitles come 1minute sooner.what should I do?

If the subtitles are already embedded in the file, there is nothing you can do.If however you have the subtitles and the video in separate files you can download a free program (look on Read More »

How to remove subtitles from Comcast high definition channels?

Use your tv's remote and check the subtitles and closed captioning (cc or caption could also be on the remote). This isn't an option that your comcast remote or cable box can decide to do. Alternat... Read More »

How to Change RMVB to AVI?

The RealMedia variable bit rate, or RMVB, file type is a highly compressed video format often used for Anime videos and other similar animations. Audio video interleave, or AVI, files are video fil... Read More »

How do I convert .RMVB to .AVI in OS X?

Kigo Video ConverterInstall the free video conversion utility for Mac OS X by KigoSoft: Kigo Video Converter (see Resources). Click the "Add Files" button to load the RMVB file into the application... Read More »