How to Remove Stuck Wheel Nuts?

Answer It is always a hassle to deal with a flat tire but changing a tire becomes even more of a headache when you encounter a stuck nut. The nut may simply be too tight or it may be stuck in place becaus... Read More »

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The Best Way to Remove Stuck Nuts?

When you can't get a nut off a bolt, the threads have probably rusted together. Another possibility might be that the threads of the bolt have been marred or the shaft of the bolt has been bent. Th... Read More »

How to Remove Stuck Lug Nuts?

It's really annoying when you go to change a tire and you encounter a lug nut that is stuck. It's much worse when you have a flat tire, it's dark and raining, the temperature is 35 degrees and you... Read More »

How to Remove Wheel Lock Nuts?

A wheel lock nut or wheel locking nut is a device used to "lock" the rims on a vehicle. With a lock nut in place, it should be extremely difficult to impossible to steal the wheels off of your vehi... Read More »

How to Remove Locking Wheel Nuts Without a Key?

When installing a set of custom wheels on your car or truck, one way to keep them on is with a set of locking wheel nuts. These help prevent thieves from easily taking the wheels, and can slow them... Read More »