How to Remove Stickers From Shoes?

Answer After a long day of shopping, it's annoying to discover that the price or size sticker on your brand-new shoes will not come off without leaving sticky residue. Perhaps you forgot about the sticker... Read More »

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How do I remove stickers from a car?

Use a Hair DryerSet a hair dryer to the hottest heat setting. Turn the dryer on, and aim the nozzle at the sticker you want to remove. Hold the hot air on the sticker for 45 seconds. Try to peel a ... Read More »

How to Remove Stickers from Car Windows?

So you've just purchased a fly new whip (car) from the dealership but you don't like the look of those price stickers on the windshield? Well now there's a simple and easy way to get those stickers... Read More »

How do I remove old stickers from bathtubs?

White VinegarWet a cloth with white vinegar. Lay the cloth over the sticker allowing the vinegar to soak it. Leave cloth on the sticker for 30 minutes.Scrub Sticker LooseScrape the sticker with a c... Read More »

How do I remove stickers from a car body?

Apply HeatHeat the decal or bumper sticker with a heat gun or hair dryer. According to, positioning the bumper sticker in direct sunlight can also release sticky from the car body.Clea... Read More »