How to Remove Stains From Alum. Cookware?

Answer Aluminum cookware prepares foods well and lasts a lifetime when cared for properly. When you clean the cookware regularly and remove stains as they accumulate, you can easily prolong the life of yo... Read More »

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How do I remove sticky adhesive from alum tubing?

PreparationSoak a rag, paper towel or cotton ball in rubbing alcohol for a few seconds.Apply AlcoholApply the soaked rag, paper towel or cotton ball to the portion of the aluminum tubing that conta... Read More »

How to Remove Salt Stains & Water Stains from Ugg Boots with Genesis 950?

With the colder weather approaching, the UGG Boots are making their return. One of the most commonly asked questions is "How do I clean my UGGS?"

Clothes and Stains - how to remove color stains?

usally if stain with red , theres not a lot you can do.

How do I remove coating on copper cookware?

Commercial CleanerUse a commercial product, available at hardware stores, to remove the lacquer coating from copper cookware. Rub the remover onto the cookware with a soft cloth, and wipe off the f... Read More »