How to Remove Something Stuck in my Car Lighter?

Answer Automotive cigarette lighter sockets are prone to abuse, as children may insert foreign objects while at play; burnt cigarette tobacco may stick to the lighter coil and become lodged in the electri... Read More »

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How to Remove Something Stuck in a Child's Ear?

Foreign objects can make a child miserable. Consider an object in the ear if you child has been playing with small object and then starts showing symptoms of an earache without the fever. This incl... Read More »

Stuck something up my but?

You likely have already passed it. People stick much larger things up their butts without harm all the time. The chances of it getting "stuck" or hurting you in any way are negligible.

I got something stuck in my eye How do I get it out?

I had a tiny bug in my eye once, I just kept blinking so it would move until I could see it. Then I just had to kind of get it out.You could probably get eyedrops or something.

Can I color my dark brown leather shoes into something lighter?

On One Hand: Leather Can Be LightenedRegarding leather, "sunlight is a natural bleaching agent," according to the Keeping the leather well-oiled and exposed to consta... Read More »