How to Remove Someone From Viewing My Calendar in Outlook 2007?

Answer If your computer is on a Windows Server network and the workstations on your network use Outlook 2007 for email, you have the ability to give others in the workplace permission to view your calenda... Read More »

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How to Remove All Events From a Primary Outlook 2007 Calendar?

If you use your calendar regularly for meetings, appointments and events in Outlook 2007, the calendar can become unwieldy over time. The PST data file where Outlook stores your data can become lar... Read More »

How to Hyperlink to an Outlook 2007 Calendar?

Calendars created in Microsoft Outlook can be shared by creating a hyperlink to your calendar. In order to do this, you need to publish your calendar to the Web. Once the calendar has been publishe... Read More »

How do I add holidays to a 2007 Outlook calendar?

Open Outlook 2007 and select "Options" from the "Tools" menu. Click "Calendar Options" and then click "Add Holidays." A box pops up with a list of countries and regions. Place a check mark in the b... Read More »

How do I create an additional calendar in Outlook 2007?

Start Outlook. Go to "Calendar" in the navigation pane on the left. Go to the "File" menu and point to "New." Select "Calendar" to open the "Create New Folder" dialog box. Type a name for the calen... Read More »