How to Remove Solvent From a Windshield?

Answer A clean windshield is essential for driving safely and comfortably. Windshield glass is often coated, and stains must be removed as quickly as possible before they erode or become embedded in the w... Read More »

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How to Remove Windshield Wiper Marks From a Windshield?

Windshields take a lot of abuse. Dirt and grime accumulate from the road, and windshield wipers leave seemingly unmanageable streaks. Whether it's time to get new windshield wipers or clean the car... Read More »

Does adding a solute to a solvent raise the freezing point of the solvent?

Adding a solute to a solvent usually lowers the freezing point of the resulting solution. This is done when adding salt to the ice surrounding homemade ice cream makers. The salt lowers the freezin... Read More »

How to Remove Sap From a Windshield?

Temperature fluctuations cause pressure within trees to rise, forcing sap to ooze out through tree branches, wounds and other openings. Parking underneath a tree can cause a sticky mess on vehicles... Read More »

How to Remove Car Wax From a Windshield?

Applying wax to your car's exterior will help keep the paint and exterior surfaces shiny and help prevent rust and other damage from exposure to the elements. Sometimes, however, wax winds up in pl... Read More »