How to Remove Soda Stains From the Teeth?

Answer Soda can cause damage to the teeth. Some sodas stain the teeth because of the soda's dark color. This makes the teeth look unhealthy and may make a person feel unattractive. Instead of hiding a smi... Read More »

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Does brushing your teeth with bicarbonate of soda (baking powder) actually take off the stains?

It does and it is safe to use - just rinse well. After all, baking soda is used in baking! It's our "use no initiative" society, we prefer to have someone hand us a ready-made product.

How to Remove Soda Stains from a Car's Interior?

While clear sodas won't be much of a stain problem - in spite of the sticky mess - if your little tykes spill root beer or strawberry soda, it's time to polish up on your stain-removal skills.

How to Remove Soda Stains from a Car's Interior?

A car's upholstery is likely to suffer stains at some point, whether from food, drink or non-edible substances. Different stains and car interiors require different ways to clean them. Here are tip... Read More »

How to Remove Soda Stains From Carpet?

Soda comes in many colors, such as red and dark brown. When soda is spilled onto carpet, it leaves those same colors. Soda carpet stains are sticky and ugly and need removed quickly before the stai... Read More »