How to Remove Smoke From a Car Interior?

Answer Remove smoke from a car caused by a fire or electrical malfunction as soon as possible so the smell does not permeate your upholstery. For safety reasons you should not attempt to do this until you... Read More »

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How to Remove Smoke Smell from the Car Interior?

Cigarette smoke permeates every fiber of the materials used in the interior of your car, including the upholstery, floor mats, carpeting and the plastic console and fixtures. This smell can linger ... Read More »

How to Clean a Car Interior and Remove Cigarette Smoke?

Many people take great pride in their cars. However, as most car owners soon discover, without constant upkeep and maintenance, the interior of a car can go from "new" to "ewwww" rather quickly. Tr... Read More »

How Does Cigarette Smoke Affect the Interior of Cars?

Your car’s interior collects third-hand smoke if you smoke cigarettes while driving or allow your passengers to do so. Third-hand smoke is the remaining residual materials from tobacco smoke, eve... Read More »

How to Remove Gum From a Car's Interior?

Let's face it, you're in a sticky situation. The solution, however, is easy: Play it cool.