How to Remove Smells From an Auto A/C Vent?

Answer Does your car smell bad when you turn on the heating or air conditioning? If so, it might be time to clean the air vents in your vehicle. After awhile, moisture, mildew, mold spores, bacteria and o... Read More »

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How to fix urine/poop smell coming from heating vent Replaced filter but it still smells when heat runs?

Make sure that all your ductwork is sealed good use tape or duct mastic to seal all cracks,openings, & joints. Sealing your ducts can stop the smell & be more efficient to operate.............

How to Install an Auto Vent Shade?

Auto vent shades are durable polycarbonate panels that partially cover the tops of the car doors, allowing the windows to be lowered to allow in fresh air while keeping rain and other elements out.... Read More »

How to Glue Auto Window Vent Visors?

Window vent visors, rain guards, automotive vent shades, whatever you prefer to call them, are the same thing no matter what brand you buy. These are the strips of acrylic plastic that are glued to... Read More »

How do i remove cat pee smells?

Eliminate Fresh UrineRemove fresh cat urine. Blot carpet or fabric gently using fresh paper towels or old rags to reduce the risk of spreading the cat urine further into the material.Deodorize and ... Read More »