How to Remove Smells From an Auto A/C Vent?

Answer Does your car smell bad when you turn on the heating or air conditioning? If so, it might be time to clean the air vents in your vehicle. After awhile, moisture, mildew, mold spores, bacteria and o... Read More »

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How to fix urine/poop smell coming from heating vent Replaced filter but it still smells when heat runs?

Make sure that all your ductwork is sealed good use tape or duct mastic to seal all cracks,openings, & joints. Sealing your ducts can stop the smell & be more efficient to operate.............

How to Remove Urine Smells from a Pet?

Here you will learn just how easy it is to clean your pets "potty" smell off of him!

How do I remove smells from foam?

SunlightRemove any covering material from the foam. Wash and dry the covering material. Set the foam item outside in the sun for 24 hours. Turn the item over, and leave it outside for an additional... Read More »

How to Remove Smells From Old Books?

The pages and cover of a book are made of porous materials that, over time, absorb the odors to which they're exposed. Luckily, removing odors from porous materials, such as books, isn't difficult ... Read More »