How to Remove Skype From the HTC Hero?

Answer The Skype Android app allows you to make Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, calls from your HTC Hero smartphone. The app can communicate using either the phone's Wi-Fi connection or the cellula... Read More »

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How to Remove People From Conversations on Skype?

When you open a chat window in Skype and invite other users into the chat, you're given a set of administrative powers accessible through commands typed into the chat box. Two such commands exist f... Read More »

How to Remove Skype From the Internet Explorer Toolbar?

When you downloaded Skype, you probably also downloaded a add-on for Internet Explorer. You may not have even noticed this add-on, which shows up as an unobtrusive Skype symbol on the toolbar of yo... Read More »

Why aren't the people I remove from my Skype group being removed?

Did you remove him from the group only? If he is also in your contact removing him from your group isn't enough. You'll also have to remove him from your contact once and for all.

How to Remove Growl on Skype?

Growl is a feature on Skype that informs the user of various notifications, including a request to be a contact. When you have a notification, a blue rectangle appears in the upper right corner of ... Read More »