How to Remove Silicone Wax?

Answer One of the most common uses for wax that contains silicone is on a car. Silicone is used in wax products to help make them easier to apply. The silicone lubricates the wax, which results in a more ... Read More »

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How do I remove silicone from a bathtub?

Use a Razor BladePut leather gloves on to protect from being cut. Hold a razor blade against an edge of the silicone, and slowly scrape the bulk of the caulk from the bathtub. Avoid putting too muc... Read More »

How do I remove silicone from tile?

Slide the blade of a utility knife under the silicone to remove as much as possible. Manually pull off what you can.Pour mineral spirits onto the silicone.Scrub the silicone off with a steel wool p... Read More »

How to Remove Silicone Stains?

People who work with machinery know how essential silicone lubricant is, but they also know that drips and splatters can leave pesky little stains all over clothes. This is fine if you are wearing ... Read More »

Does acetone remove silicone?

A rag dampened with acetone may help loosen and/or remove small amounts of silicone stuck to a surface or crevice. For tougher silicone rubbers, heavy application of ethyl alcohol may aid the remov... Read More »