How to Remove Seized Rotors?

Answer The brake rotors on a car or truck are essential components of a disc brake system. The rotors, also called brake discs, are the round, saucer-like parts that are clamped by the brake caliper and t... Read More »

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How to Remove Seized Rotors on the Back of a Dodge Caravan?

It was supposed to be an easy brake job except the rear rotor on your Dodge Caravan does not seem to want to come off. There's a few tricks to try out before you have to put everything back togethe... Read More »

How to Remove Seized Screws?

A screw can become seized in the object that it was driven into. This means that traditional tools used to drive in the screw will no longer take the screw back out. The screw will not budge, and c... Read More »

How to Remove a Seized Oil Filter?

Oil filters do get stuck from time to time. Usually it's from either not spreading a coat of oil on the filter seal before installing it or from over-tightening the filter. If you're using a strap ... Read More »

How to Remove Seized Spark Plugs?

As part of routine maintenance on any motor vehicle, you need to regularly replace the spark plugs. Occasionally, when you go to remove a spark plug you will find that it is stuck, or seized. Rem... Read More »