How to Remove Sediment From Hair?

Answer If the main water source to your home is well water, your hair may be taking a beating. Well water is often referred to as hard water, and hard water is abundant with minerals that can wreak havoc ... Read More »

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How to Remove Stormwater Sediment?

Stormwater sediment damages riparian and stream bed habitats, pollutes water with toxic chemicals, and impedes the growth of underwater plants. Urban stormwater runoff is a particularly serious pro... Read More »

How to Remove the Yeast Sediment From Wine?

Yeast sediment in wine cannot only make the wine cloudy, it can also affect the taste of the wine. A process known as racking separates wine from the yeast sediment during the aging or bottling pro... Read More »

What to Do When Sediment Is in the Gas Tank?

Sediment, dirt and even rocks may enter your fuel tank under a variety of circumstances. Off-roading often leaves dirt on the truck, which falls into the gas inlet when you fuel the tank. Or dirt g... Read More »

What is river delta sediment?

A river delta is the area where a river splits into smaller streams called tributaries when it meets the ocean. Deltas are formed by the build-up of sediment over thousands of years. River delta se... Read More »