How to Remove Seats With Airbags?

Answer Whether you want to install new seats in your car or just want to do a really good scrubbing job on the carpet, taking out the stock seats in your car is traditionally an easy task. But today's veh... Read More »

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How do you install racing seats in a car with airbags in the seats?

This is a dangerous question to answer. If this car is ever to be operated on the street again anyone answering this could be sued for advising you to remove or disable a safety feature.If it is go... Read More »

How to Remove the Airbags in an S-10?

You can remove the airbags from your Chevy S-10 right from your garage. Although most people consider airbags to be an essential safety feature, some people prefer to have them removed to prevent f... Read More »

How to Remove Ford Airbags?

The air bags in a Ford will need to be removed if you want to remove the steering wheel. The air bag assembly is just behind the center steering wheel cover. To remove the air bag, you'll need a fe... Read More »

How to Remove Passenger Airbags From Grand Am?

You can remove the passenger airbags from your Pontiac Grand Am. These days, airbags are considered to be essential safety features of a car. Airbags are designed to prevent head injuries during a ... Read More »