How to Remove Scratches & Swirls in Paint?

Answer Scratches and swirls in a vehicle paint job are unsightly. The swirls are caused by light reflecting off of a series of tiny minuscule scratches in the paint surface. Scratches can also gouge deep ... Read More »

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How to Remove Paint Swirls?

A paint swirl looks like a cluster of scratches on the finish of your car that are most visible in bright light or sunlight. The swirls usually stem from improper washing of a car by not ensuring a... Read More »

How to Remove Swirls From Car Paint?

Removing swirls from a car's paint job can be very difficult. You can remove swirls only a limited number of times because the process removes some of the clear coat. However, covering the swirls o... Read More »

The Best Way to Remove Paint Scratches?

A paintwork scratch can ruin the look of your car and also reduce its resale value. Deeper gouges may also lead to corrosion, so it is important to repair car paintwork scratches promptly. Severe s... Read More »

How to Remove Scratches From Your Car's Paint?

Some scratches on your car may seem to appear out of nowhere. They may even show up between the time it takes you to walk inside the grocery store and back out again. Scratches on the paint don't r... Read More »