How to Remove Scratches From a Metallic Car?

Answer Scratches on a metallic colored car occur when the paint of the car interacts negatively with a foreign object. These foreign objects can be anything from bugs to the keys of an angry rival. The sc... Read More »

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How to Remove the Squeak in Semi Metallic Brake Pads?

There are four basic types of brake pads used on today's vehicles. Semi metallic pads, ceramic pads, organic pads, and low metal NAO pads, make up the choices when looking for new brakes. There are... Read More »

Metallic Vs. Non-Metallic Brake Pads?

There are no federal regulations concerning after-market brake pads, so it is important for consumers to understand the choices available to them and how they affect brake performance.

How to Remove Scratches from Car?

Scratched car paint can be caused by a number of reasons. Car accidents, juvenile behavior, poor parking and parking lot mishaps are all common occurrences. Scratches detract from the appearance of... Read More »

How to Remove Cat Scratches on a Car?

When cats leave overnight "souvenirs" on your car's hood or roof as evidence of their wild rampages or escape attempts from local dogs, even cat lovers might contemplate strangulation. Removing cat... Read More »