How to Remove Scratches From Your Car's Paint?

Answer Some scratches on your car may seem to appear out of nowhere. They may even show up between the time it takes you to walk inside the grocery store and back out again. Scratches on the paint don't r... Read More »

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What Substances Remove Scratches Off of Cars?

Scratches on the body of a car are irritating. Unfortunately, you can't completely avoid getting them. Sometimes a scratch will be caused by the edge of a gate as you drive out of your compound. So... Read More »

How to Remove Surface Scratches From Cars?

Road debris and improper washing techniques can leave surface scratches in your car's paint job. Over time, these surface scratches can cause the paint to look dull and old. Removing the surface sc... Read More »

How to Remove Scratches From Tree Branches on Cars?

Small sharp branches from trees and shrubs are just one of the many causes of minor scratches and marks in a car's finish. Repair is typically simple and cost effective, depending on the nature of ... Read More »

Home Remedy to Remove Scratches on Cars?

A car's surface is made from metal covered with a primer, base color and clear topcoat. Car scratches occur when an object strikes the surface of the car. If the scratch reaches through the surface... Read More »