How to Remove Scratches From Auto Mirrors?

Answer Automobile mirrors are truly versatile devices, used to make defensive turns and passes on the roadway, and also to check your mascara before starting off on your journey. Unfortunately, these mirr... Read More »

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How to Remove Auto Wax From Mirrors?

There are several options for removing auto wax from mirrors on your car. Take extreme caution to avoid damage to the mirror or the paint finish on the car. Cover any other parts of the car in the ... Read More »

How to Remove Scratches From Auto Glass?

Scratched glass in an automobile is not only unattractive, it is dangerous. It reflects light in a way that hinders visibility for the driver. While most people believe they must replace auto glass... Read More »

How to Remove Fine Scratches from Auto Paint?

Most modern vehicles have a clear-coat finish, over the top of the base coat, that helps to protect against ultraviolet fading and to provide the vehicle with a shinier appearance. Most fine scratc... Read More »

How to Remove Hardened Water Spots From Auto Mirrors & Glass?

If you live in an area with hard water, you might notice water spots on your automobile mirrors and glass. Hard water spots are caused by excessive minerals and deposits in your water. Whether from... Read More »