How to Remove Scars From Stitches?

Answer Scarring is part of the healing process. Instead of normal tissue that previously existed in the region, scars are composed of fibrous tissue. The scar is noticeably different in texture from the s... Read More »

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Is it ok to remove external stitches in 7 to ten days even when there are internal stitches that will desolve?

I use to be a nurse and it is best to let them go on their on. Do not touch them or they could become infected if not completely healed.

How to Remove Scars From a Picture?

You can remove scars from a photo using any number of photo editing programs. The program you choose needs a certain degree of sophistication to enable this process to be completed properly. You ca... Read More »

I use to cut myself 2 years ago. And still have the scars. Is there anything I can do to remove the scars?

I can relate... I have this stuff called bio-oil... I dont know what store you can get it in, but it was from canada. It gets rid of scars from mosquito bites to.. Cuts. You can probably google it.... Read More »

How to Remove Scars From Glass Cuts?

Whether your scar caused by glass is new or old, there are certain treatments that can help minimize the appearance of depressions, lines, spots, and nicks in your skin. Some treatments are natural... Read More »