How to Remove Sap Stains From Car Paint?

Answer Most of us have experienced the misfortune of parking our car under a tree that drips sap. The next morning, your paint job has hardened spots on it that you can't wash off. Sap is often harder to ... Read More »

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How to Remove Paint Stains From a Car?

Accidents happen all of the time, and whether it be from a collision or brush with someone's wet paint, it is quite easy to soil your car with an unintentional dab of paint. Luckily, this can be re... Read More »

How to Remove the Paint Stains From Fabric?

Different kinds of paints can adhere to the fibers of fabric in very different ways. Sometimes you can remove the paint from fabric simply by putting the garment into the laundry machine. But oil- ... Read More »

How to Remove Rust Stains From Car Paint?

After several years of exposure to the elements, a car can begin to show patches of rust stains. If allowed to develop and spread, the rust stains can compromise the integrity of the car and lead t... Read More »

How Can I Remove Water Stains From My Car Paint?

For car lovers, a bright, shiny finish on their machine is a must-have. And, few things frustrate that ambition more than a clean car with "water stains." Many things can cause this, though the roo... Read More »