How to Remove Salt Stains From a Car Windshield?

Answer Salt stains can quickly collect on car windshields during cold, snowy weather. Salt is spread on roads to help prevent cars from slipping on patches of ice and layers of snow. While salt is necessa... Read More »

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How to Remove Salt Stains & Water Stains from Ugg Boots with Genesis 950?

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How do I remove hard water stains from a windshield?

Wash the WindshieldPark the vehicle in a shaded area before cleaning. Mix one part water with two parts white vinegar in a bucket. Place a sponge into the vinegar mixture and apply to the hard wate... Read More »

How to Remove Hard Water Stains From a Windshield?

Hard water spots occur when the minerals in a drop of water concentrate and then the water around them evaporates, leaving the minerals behind. These spots can occur on any surface, but are most no... Read More »

How to Remove Salt Stains From Jeans?

Salt-stained jeans are an almost inevitable part of living in an area with snowy winters. When salt is laid down on the streets, it often ends up on the sidewalks due to snow plows that push the sn... Read More »