How to Remove Salt From a Driveway?

Answer Rock salt, or halite, is an inexpensive, effective method to melt ice on paved surfaces, including your sideways and driveways. The product isn’t intended to melt the ice and snow completely to a... Read More »

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Is salt on an asphalt driveway safe?

On One Hand: Asphalt Versus ConcreteAsphalt is not affected by ice-melting rock salt, says B & C Blacktop. Damage which occurs to concrete with the constant melting and refreezing of ice doesn't ha... Read More »

How to Use Salt to Kill Pavement Ants in the Driveway?

Pavement ants, also known as house ants or sugar ants, are the small brown ants most commonly seen in houses, grass, dirt, sidewalks and driveways. The use of salt to remove pavement ants from a dr... Read More »

When it snows, do you sprinkle or spray ice salt on your driveway?

How to Remove Tar From a Driveway?

Tar removal from an asphalt driveway may not be a significant concern, considering tar, along with rock, sand and oils make up asphalt. If your driveway is concrete, a glob of tar is unattractive a... Read More »