How to Remove Salt From a Driveway?

Answer Rock salt, or halite, is an inexpensive, effective method to melt ice on paved surfaces, including your sideways and driveways. The product isn’t intended to melt the ice and snow completely to a... Read More »

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How to Remove Tar From a Driveway?

Tar removal from an asphalt driveway may not be a significant concern, considering tar, along with rock, sand and oils make up asphalt. If your driveway is concrete, a glob of tar is unattractive a... Read More »

How to Remove Oil From a Brick Driveway?

It is not uncommon for oil stains to appear on a brick driveway. Whether your car leaked oil on the driveway, oil was spilled from a lawnmower, or it was just tracked onto the driveway from someone... Read More »

How do I remove oil from an asphalt driveway?

Powdered Laundry DetergentAbsorb the oil using old newspaper. Pour powdered laundry detergent on the oil stain, add water and scrub with a stiff-bristle brush. Let the detergent sit overnight. Scru... Read More »

How to Remove Spray Paint from a Driveway?

Driveways are constructed out of porous materials that easily absorb moisture, including the oils in spray paint. Absorbed paint is impossible to just scrape off, and basic paint strippers will not... Read More »