How to Remove Rusty Water From Your Hair?

Answer Men and women with blond hair can experience brassy stains. These stains are from "rusty" well water with a high content of iron. A water softener can help reduce the iron in the water, but you may... Read More »

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How to Remove Stains From Rusty Water From a Car?

Rusty water stains can ruin the look of your car. It takes more than just soap and water to remove these pesky stains. With a little patience and some elbow grease, your car will look as shiny and ... Read More »

How do I remove rusty water stains from concrete?

Pick up a rust remover or wood brightener with the active ingredient oxalic acid. These cleaners are available in both a concentrated and a full-strength formula. Wet the surface to treat down with... Read More »

Is rusty water bad for you?

That's ridiculous.You don't get tetanus from rust.If you did, there'd be a LOT more cases of it worldwide, and there'd be a ban on galvanized water piping.Rust is NOT poisonous.It is merely the red... Read More »

What Causes Rusty Well Water?

Iron in your well water will cause the rust color you are seeing. It can cause ugly brown and orange stains on appliances, clothes and dishes. Rust can also affect the taste and odor of your water,... Read More »