How to Remove Rusted & Stripped Lug Nuts?

Answer Some simple auto repair jobs become difficult and time consuming when rusted or stripped lug nuts make it difficult to remove a wheel. Stuck lug nuts can also lead to pulled or strained muscles fro... Read More »

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How to Remove Rusted Stripped Screws?

Once metal screws become corroded, the rust can bind the screws to the holes they are set in. If the screw heads are covered with rust, it makes them impossible to remove with a screwdriver. Even i... Read More »

How to Remove Shocks With Stripped Nuts?

Dealing with a rounded off or stripped nut or bolt is a fine art. First, you have to determine why the nut was stripped. It could be that the bolt is frozen in place because of corrosion or just th... Read More »

How to Remove Lug Nuts With Stripped Threads?

Few automobile maintenance problems are more frustrating than a stripped lug nut. Lug nuts, the nuts that hold your car's wheels in place, strip easily when you attempt to tighten them farther than... Read More »

How to Remove Rusted Nuts From a Gas Tank?

Rusted bolts can be really frustrating, and when those nuts and bolts are holding up the gas tank, well that's even more of a pain to deal with. There are a few different ways to remove rusted nuts... Read More »