How to Remove Rusted Bolts From Shocks?

Answer Severely rusted shock bolts represent a danger to both you and passengers of your vehicle if the rust is severe enough to compromise the integrity of the bolt. They should be removed and replaced i... Read More »

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How to Remove Rusted Lag Bolts?

Lag bolts are long bolts that have a variety of applications. Lag bolts or lag screws have a hex head and sometimes are cut on the top of the head to accommodate a screwdriver. When your lag screw ... Read More »

How to Remove Rusted Caliper Bolts?

Rusted caliper bolts will make it nearly impossible to replace your brake pads. The caliper bolts hold the caliper in place. The caliper is what houses the brake pads and makes it possible for you ... Read More »

How to Remove Rusted Allen Bolts?

Rusted bolts are a pain to remove, and trying to get out a rusted Allen bolt is even tougher. Unfortunately, you'll probably loose the bolt in the process, but if you do it right, you can get the b... Read More »

How to Remove Rusted Bolts on Cars?

Rusted bolts can be easy or difficult to remove, depending mostly on accessibility. There must be enough room to work. The head of the bolt or the threaded end must protrude far enough to grab with... Read More »