How to Remove Rust From an Enamel Roasting Pan?

Answer In 1830, a craftsman developed porcelain enamel cookware by casting porcelain enamel over iron. The resulting cookware had a smooth finish that resisted scratches and didn't retain food odors. Toda... Read More »

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How do you remove rust stains from your enamel sink?

Use more salt than water to make a paste, then rub it on the rust stain.There are a variety of products that will effectively remove rust, some of which are: Wink Rust Remover is a liquid, which al... Read More »

How to Remove Ink Stains from Enamel?

There are lots of products found in the house with enamel surfaces like teapots, pots, pans, toys, bowls, bath tubs, sinks, etc. Even most dryer drums are made of enamel. Removing ink stains from e... Read More »

What Is the Best Way to Remove Caulk From an Enamel Bath Tub?

An enamel bath tub is made of cast iron and coated with a layer of porcelain enamel to prevent it from rusting. This enamel coating is traditionally white, but can be painted a variety of other col... Read More »

How to Remove Rust From a BBQ?

Many families barbecue during the summer months. But during the off-season the barbecue grill can become dirty and rusted. Maintenance is important for keeping the grill safe to use. It is necessar... Read More »