How to Remove Rubberized Undercoating?

Answer Rubberized undercoatings are meant to protect parts of the vehicle on the undercarriage from rocks, salt and other objects that might damage it while you're driving. However, if you don't want to h... Read More »

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How to Use Nitrogen to Remove Undercoating?

The undercoating of a car is a dark, tar-like substance applied to the undercarriage to prevent rusting, reduce sound and reduce emissions. On many older cars, the undercoating becomes covered in d... Read More »

What rubberized material is used on RV roofs?

Two major common materials are used for RV roofs. One is EPDM, which is made from ethylene, propylene and diene monomer. EPDM is a mixed-rubber agent that is less flexible in extreme temperatures t... Read More »

What do they call rubberized roofing paint?

Rubberized roofing paint is called elastomeric coating. It is ideal for surfaces ill-suited for paint adhesion. It should not be used on wooden shingles as it can trap moisture, which can result in... Read More »

How to Restore Rubberized Automotive Trim?

Sun, wind, rain and other harsh elements can cause oxidation or contaminate your black or colored trim, leaving it faded and unappealing. Restore rubberized automotive trim with specially formulate... Read More »