How to Remove Rubber From Car Paint?

Answer Remove rubber marks and other contaminants from your car paint to prevent permanent damage to the finish of your car. There are many popular methods for removing rubber from paint. Detailing with a... Read More »

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How to Remove Non-Chlorinated Rubber Paint?

Removing paint isn't the easiest thing to do, and many people opt to paint over an old coat of paint rather than remove it. But to see the surface below the paint or to put a fresh, even coat of ne... Read More »

How do I remove non-chlorinated rubber paint?

ScrapingScrape away as much of the nonchlorinated rubber paint as possible using a metallic putty knife. Remove pieces of stray paint using a broom and a dust pan.ProtectionCover areas adjacent to ... Read More »

How to Remove Paint Overspray From Rubber on Cars?

When painting a car, it can be hard to remember to protect every part from overspray. Tires are often left uncovered since they don't seem to be a major part of the car's surface. Overspray from pa... Read More »

How to Remove a Rubber Mark From Auto Body Paint?

Rubber marks can be an eyesore on your car's paint finish. Fortunately, rubber marks can usually be completely removed, without leaving behind scratches or marks. The rubber is a soft compound and ... Read More »