How to Remove Risks From a Computer?

Answer Computers, especially those with an active Internet connection, are constantly at risk. This risk can come from external factors, such as malicious users on the Internet attempting to access your c... Read More »

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What are some possible risks I would take by buiding my own computer?

Read all that you can before attempting any connections. Use rubber gloves and ground yourself to the computer using a grounding bracelet, that will keep you at the same potential so there is no st... Read More »

Security Risks With Home Computer Systems?

The use of computers for personal business and leisure is a necessity today. While some people may think that only wealthy individuals and corporations are common targets for cybercriminals, most c... Read More »

Does defragmentation pose any risks to your computers What can you do to overcome the risks.?

There is no risk, it is actually beneficial to do occasionally. Hopefully this doesn't go over your head but here is a description of what defragmentation is:In the maintenance of file systems, def... Read More »

Explain how to identify health and safety risks to self and others from common types of computer hardware?

The particular health and safety risks which may be present in your own job role and the precautions you must take.