How to Remove & Replace a Honda Door Handle?

Answer The door handles on your Honda automobile are built strong to stand up to constant use and even the occasional slam. But even the most well-designed door handle will wear out at some point. When yo... Read More »

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How to Replace the Door Handle on the 3rd Door of a Chevy S1 Pickup?

If the door handle on the tail gate of your Chevrolet pickup truck breaks or malfunctions in one way or another, it will be difficult to open the gate. If this occurs, you should replace the door h... Read More »

How to Remove the Inside Door Panel of the Driver's Door in a Honda CR-V?

The inner door panels on the Honda CR-V serve several purposes. They cover the metal door, making it look nice, and protect the occupants from the sharp edges from the many access holes in the door... Read More »

How to Replace an Outside Car Door Handle?

The outside door handle is held on by two bolts on the inside the door. Usually too much force causes the arm that operates the door latch to break off. Door handles are normally not made of a mate... Read More »

How to Replace an S-10 Door Handle?

The Chevrolet S-10 has been popular since it came out in the '80s, but with popularity can come some drawbacks--such as thieves. It is pretty easy for someone to break into the S-10 truck using a f... Read More »