How to Remove & Replace Motorcycle Chains?

Answer The chain on a motorcycle is connected to a sprocket on the engine and to a sprocket connected to the rear wheel. The chain transfers the power from the engine to the rear wheel, which powers the m... Read More »

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Types of Hy-Vo Motorcycle Chains?

Hy-Vo (high velocity and involute tooth) chain is a specific type of inverted tooth chain, or silent chain, that is used to drive the camshafts of many medium to large motorcycles and other vehicle... Read More »

How to Remove and Replace Motorcycle Handlebars?

The handlebars on a motorcycle are secured to the steering column of the bike by two or four metal clamps. If the handlebars are damaged, then you must replace them for your safety. Also, installin... Read More »

How do I Replace Motorcycle Lights With LED?

Many people add LED retrofits to motorcycles for increased visibility and safety over traditional stock bulbs. In addition to improving brightness, LEDs draw less current than incandescent bulbs, h... Read More »

How often should one replace a motorcycle helmet?

Motorcycle helmets should be replaced if they are in a crash because it is likely that some impact was absorbed even if there is no visible damage. However, all helmets should be replaced every two... Read More »