How to Remove Red Dye From White Fabric?

Answer If you accidentally wash a red sock with your whites, the dye could end up staining your white fabric. If you have small children, you may have given them some cherry Kool-Aid, which ended up on th... Read More »

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How to Remove White-Out From Fabric?

White-out can be great for correcting those little written mistakes you may make on forms and papers. However, if you should get it on your clothes in the process, this can be frustrating. If you h... Read More »

How do I remove dry White Out from fabric?

AcetoneSoak a cotton ball in nail polish remover that contains acetone. Rub the cotton ball onto the correction fluid stain until it comes out. Rinse the fabric with water, and let it dry.Liquid De... Read More »

How to Remove White Glue From Fabric?

White glue is commonly used for craft projects, minor repairs and other everyday purposes. Since glue has a liquid texture, it can easily spill or transfer onto clothing and other fabrics. Glue qui... Read More »

How do I remove stains from white cotton fabric?

Blot the StainsWet a white paper towel or white rag with cold water, and dab at the stains. Do not rub the stains; blot them only so you don't spread them further into the material.Use Stain Remove... Read More »