How to Remove Rain X?

Answer Rain X is a popular product used to deflect raindrops from your windshield. Once applied, Rain X causes the water to sheet and roll off the windshield, increasing visibility during wet conditions. ... Read More »

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How to Remove Rain-X From a Windscreen?

When you drive your vehicle in wet weather, visibility is diminished from the water hitting your windscreen, also known as a windshield in the United States. Rain-X is a liquid treatment that you c... Read More »

How to Remove Rain-X From Glass?

Rain-X was created to improve driving conditions during inclement weather. Applied to the windshield of a car, it makes water,snow, or sleet droplets move more quickly off the glass. Over time, how... Read More »

How do I remove rust from rain gutters?

Wire Brush and SandpaperRemove the downspout from the gutter if the rust is in a hard to reach location. Scrub the rust with a wire brush to remove the rust. Sand the rusted area of the gutter if t... Read More »

How to Remove Acid Rain Stains?

Acid rain will eat away at your car's paint, polish and finish if you do not remedy the situation on a regular basis. If your car generally is protected in the garage, then it may only be necessary... Read More »