How to Remove Product Build-up in Hair?

Answer Using too much hair care product in your hair can decrease shine, luster, bounce and volume as well as dull the color. Products such as gel, mousse, hair spray and pomade strip hair of its natural ... Read More »

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Any ideas on a good product to remove product buildup on my hair?

This may sound a bit strange . . . but I swear by it. I have really thick, curly hair, and here's what a salon owner told me to do years ago; I've been doing it once a week ever since:Before you g... Read More »

How to Clean Hair of Product Build Up Naturally?

Clean product build-up from your hair and keep it looking good with homemade shampoo recipes made up of natural ingredients.

How to remove all traces of product from your hair?

Use whats called a Clarifying shampoo or a Chelating shampoo to get our all dirt, oil and product buildup from your hair. On average, people who style their hair with products should do a clarifyin... Read More »

How to Remove Hair Build up Naturally?

Build-up makes your hair look drab, lose its lustre, and can make it appear unclean! But you can remove it with ingredients from your cupboard, if you follow the instructions below.