How to Remove Plastic Glue?

Answer Super glue is made with small rubber particles that allow it to bond well to plastic and not lose its grip. A common complaint with using super glues is that they bond quickly and don't take that ... Read More »

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How to Remove Super Glue Off Plastic?

Super glue is a strong bonding adhesive that effectively holds things together. If you find super glue on unwanted spots on plastic, you likely want it gone. Remove super glue from plastic carefull... Read More »

How do I remove sticky glue on plastic?

Use Petroleum JellyScoop 1 tsp. petroleum jelly onto your finger, and apply it to the sticky glue on the plastic. Cover all the glue with the jelly. Allow the petroleum jelly to loosen the glue for... Read More »

How to Remove Sticky Glue on Plastic?

Glue can be a valuable tool when fixing the interior of a car. If proper care is not taken, however, it can end up dripping in the car leaving you with a sticky mess. Removing glue from plastic can... Read More »

How do I remove soft plastic glue?

Scrape It offUse a dull-edged knife to try to scrape off the plastic glue. If that doesn't work, put the object that has glue on it in the freezer for approximately 10 minutes. Take it out, and aga... Read More »