How to Remove Permanent Stains From Carpet?

Answer Keeping your carpet looking new requires constant vacuuming and spot cleaning. This can be difficult if you've dropped or spilled something onto your carpet that has made a permanent stain. While t... Read More »

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How to Remove Permanent Marker From Wool Carpet?

Removing stains from wool carpeting can be a challenge due to the absorbent nature of wool, particularly if the carpet is not pretreated to resist staining. The removal of such stains as permanent ... Read More »

How to Remove Permanent Marker Stains From Fabric?

Permanent marker stains are among the hardest to remove from clothing, but the steps are simple enough to warrant a try. For best results, remove the stain immediately and don't dry or iron the clo... Read More »

How do I remove permanent marker stains from wood?

Pour rubbing alcohol onto a clean, dry cloth. Rub the stained area with the cloth in a circular motion until the stain is erased. Wipe the area with a damp cloth. Allow the wood to dry completely.S... Read More »

How to Remove Red Pop Stains From Carpet?

When soda pop is spilled on your carpet, it can make a sticky mess. But when the soda is red pop, you have the additional stress of removing the red dye from your carpet as well. Left unattended, r... Read More »