How to Remove Permanent Marker From the Face?

Answer Despite its name, permanent marker stains do come off. If you get permanent marker on your face, or more likely, you find it on your child's face, don't panic. Washing the skin with soap and wate... Read More »

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What's the best way to erase permanent marker from your face?

If there anyway to get permanent marker off the skin on your face?

My wife uses rubbing alcohol to wash off the mustache I drew on her.

How do I get permanent marker off of a doll's face?

Pour rubbing alcohol onto a cotton ball.Rub the permanent marker stain with the cotton ball until the marker comes off completely.Wash off the alcohol with a small amount of water, and dry the area... Read More »

How do I remove permanent marker from a car?

Removing the Marker StainsUsing whole milk, soak a white cotton cloth. Take a heavier cloth, and soak it with water. Place the milk-soaked cloth over the permanent marker spot on your car, and lay ... Read More »