How to Remove Permanent Ink From Car Paint?

Answer If your car gets tagged or you accidentally mark it with permanent marker or pen, you'll want to fix the damage. However, you can't just use any household product, as it can remove the paint from y... Read More »

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How to Remove Permanent Marker From Car Paint?

Permanent marker stains on most surfaces present a problem. When those stains are on your car's exterior paint you have the added difficulty of trying to remove the marker and not the paint. Commer... Read More »

How to Remove Permanent Marker from Auto Paint?

Permanent markers consist of dyes or pigments that leave fade-resistant marks on most surfaces. These water-resistant ink marks can last for several months on outdoor surfaces and several years on ... Read More »

Is Acrylic Paint Permanent?

Acrylic paint is permanent on clothes and most surfaces after drying. The paint, however, dissolves in water while wet. This means you should use a damp towel to remove the paint from surfaces and ... Read More »

How to Paint Over Permanent Marker?

Painting over permanent marker stains sounds like an easy solution for "removing" a permanent marker mark from a wall, but if you use the wrong type of paint, the marker may actually still be visib... Read More »