How to Remove People From Conversations on Skype?

Answer When you open a chat window in Skype and invite other users into the chat, you're given a set of administrative powers accessible through commands typed into the chat box. Two such commands exist f... Read More »

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Retrieving old skype conversations?

You can always contact skype. They HAVE to keep records. Just explain your situation. Hope this helps(: !

Is it possible to retrieve SKYPE conversations and history that was just deleted?

First off, I hope this is your computer and not his. I do not promote looking at someone's computer without their consent.YES, it is possible to get back the deleted message, that is the messages t... Read More »

Why aren't the people I remove from my Skype group being removed?

Did you remove him from the group only? If he is also in your contact removing him from your group isn't enough. You'll also have to remove him from your contact once and for all.

What do people use Skype for?

Skype is used by millions of people to communicate. Skype works as a web-based video chat program. You can also use Skype to place computer-to-computer audio calls and computer-to-telephone calls. ... Read More »